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6 Non-Tech Skills Your Children Learn Through Coding

Coding or computer programming is cool and fun for kids

Coding or “Computer Programming” is the process of giving instructions to a computer to do a specific task. These instructions are provided using a “computer language” (for example: visual blocks, Java, Python, C) that computers can understand. Living in the 21st-century, children are growing up in a digital era where technology has never been more prevalent in our lives, and picking up coding will definitely help children become better architects of their futures.

But keep in mind, coding certainly teaches your children technical skills, but that’s only the beginning. Take a look at these 6 other benefits you’ll see when you teach kids how to code.

1. Critical Thinking

Critical thinking comprises a number of different skills that help us learn to make decisions. It is the ability to evaluate information to determine whether it is right or wrong. To think critically about an issue or a problem means to be open-minded and consider alternative ways of looking at solutions.

Coding develop Critical thinking in kids

If we can develop this skill in kids at a young age, it will serve them well for many years to come. Coding is one of the best ways to do this. Because, both coding and critical thinking share these process steps: 1) identify a problem or task 2) analyze that problem or task 3) come up with primary solutions 4) test it 5) repeat and improve. Also, coding provides tons of opportunity to think differently or deeply about problems and possible solutions. In coding there’s no one right answer. There are always multiple ways to solve the same problem. This variability teaches kids that they need to be open to new ideas and stay flexible.

2. Persistence

Coding bring success for kids in future

Without a doubt, persistence can pay off – and so the question is how to effectively develop this trait in your child. In this case, Coding can help. While coding, kids learn to persist when what they are creating is not working. They are bound to analyze what is not working, why it is not working, and figure out how to correct it until it works. In this way they learn how to solve a problem and look for solutions through research and collaboration which builds this highly desirable skill, Persistence.

3. Problem-Solving Skills

Problem Solving Quotes

Not only does coding encourage problem-solving, it helps get kids thinking outside the box at the same time. When you come across a dead end in coding, there’s always a way you can backtrack and try again. This “try, try again” mentality will help set our kids up for future success.

4. Math skills

Touching Technology

Coding and math go hand in hand. When you encourage coding with your kids, you’re also helping them practice their math. Best of all, learning how to code can help kids who were not that talented in math to achieve better results in class. This is because in coding class students can see the applications of the concepts they see in class, in real life situations.

In a way, coding allows math to land and to touch down, connecting it to something real where the result can be seen almost automatically.

5. Creativity

We know that coding exercises logical and analytical thinking, but it is less known that it also exercises imagination and intuitive thinking.

Coding helps to develop creative minds in kids

First, let’s agree that there is no single way to solve a coding problem. You can think of tens, maybe hundreds of ways to solve a coding problem. Each has its own length and execution times, each can handle different exceptions, and each can attack the problem from a different angle. This flexibility in approaching the problem improves creativity. Solving a coding problem is an open-ended question without a specific and final answer.


Coding for building strong communication skills

Dynamic communication that uses a variety of media is becoming increasingly common in today’s society. Kids need to learn how to stand up in front of other people and articulate their ideas and how to use digital tools to share information. Coding is an expressive medium for kids to practice sharing narratives and presenting ideas.

When someone do coding, it really is like a whole new language. It might not be like typical French, Spanish or German class, but this is a universal language. No matter where you go in the world, if you speak code, you’ll be able to communicate, which is pretty cool!

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