Creative. Collaborative. Problem Solving. Computational Thinking.

Our innovative courses teach computer programming skills through interactive and exciting projects. These courses are perfect for the young generations who have the passion for understanding how a software works or simply love technology. In every class, our instructors emphasize important strategies and processes involved in innovative learning and self-growth, which creates a unique opportunity to prepare our students for their future career, and to succeed in a rapidly changing technology era.

Please see our course offerings below.

Python L1- Beginner Level

Build the Programming Mindset

Python L2 - Intermediate level

Learn Advance Programming Techniques

Introduction to HTML & CSS

Learn How to Build Web Sites

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Build the Programming Mindset

The objective of this course is to teach students about computer science, programming techniques, and problem solving skills. This course aims to demystify computer science in a fun, collaborative, and creative approach. In addition, it will build the essential skills needed to communicate their ideas in computational thinking.

What’s In It?

  • Introduction to computer programming

  • Python basics: know your environment

  • Draw with Python

  • Loops, conditions and functions

  • Timer and animation

  • User interaction: get into the game

  • Game programming: coding for fun

  • Hands-on programming practice



Learn Advance Programming Techniques

This course has been designed to achieve two objectives:

  • Building programming mindset by teaching our students how to develop programs from scratch to solve different types of problems.

  • Understanding how complete source code of games are put together, so students can formulate the knowledge and develop the techniques of how different programming components are implemented as well as learn new associated programming concepts and syntax used in these games.

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Learn How to Build Web Sites

The objective of this course is to teach students the fundamental functions of HTML and CSS needed to build websites such as structure, links, lists, and HTML5 layout.
The course will provide the students with the opportunity for hands-on experience in creating personal websites, photo galleries or a home page with favorite links